8 Healthy Keys to Staying on Track

8 Healthy Keys to Staying on Track

Key # 1: Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. Drink at least one glass before each meal. It should help you avoid over-eating. Also, eat it before you eat because you do not want to dilute those precious enzymes that help digest food well.
Key # 2: Stop your emotional handling. Instead of accessing this cookie or candy bar, ask yourself what to eat. Do you feel stress, stress, injury, depression, anxiety or boredom? Try not to frustrate your feelings. Use only food for what you are meant to use – fuel for your body and mind and that’s it.

Key # 3: Breakfast is necessary. Many of my customers told me they feel and think better after a healthy breakfast. Adhering to this new habit is the key. Give your body and mind the energy it needs. In addition, eating a healthy breakfast will curb any tendency for a snack and will be less likely to eat later.

Key # 4: Schedule time to eat. You need to go into a routine with your meals – plan it and do not skip any of the three meals you need. You may also want to include a snack or two in the daily eating system. Sometimes, we really need to learn how to eat and eat “responsibly”. Make this a priority, and it will automatically become, just like bathing, going to work, or brushing your teeth. Voila – usually breed!

Key # 5: Go back to your age before “cheating”. I just heard about this trick recently. Sounds like a good idea. However, I do not often use the word “cheat”. You do not fool, you just try. “Cheating” means rebellion, being away from something, or being “bad”. There is no such thing. If you are balanced, it is likely that you will not even want to be the thing that stares at you anyway. If you see something you want to get, remember to take a big breath first and consider it, then ask if you want. You know that you always have a choice. If you choose to indulge – enjoy and go ahead.

Key # 6: Try not to feel defeated. Everyone has a few days. If you hit yourself, it is more likely to continue in the landing cycle. Do not rule, just note that you have a passion. Knowing that your choice is all. You will not feel boxed or scared about the choices you make. Be nice to yourself and know that you can do better with your next meal. he is fine.

Key # 7: Remember to move. You really need to get a regular schedule with your exercise as well. No whine, just do it. I know that this may seem a bit cruel to me as I tend to follow a more accommodating approach – usually. But you know you’ll feel a lot better if you move. Of course, there may be some days you feel tired – so you missed it today.

I had that experience last Saturday. I had worked a whole week including Saturday. I offer Saturday deadlines to many of my clients who can not see me on weekdays. Anyway, I’ve also practiced four days during the week as well. Although I felt that exercise, running on half an hour running would be good for me, I felt that comfort would serve me better that day. That’s what I did and did not feel guilty. I had a bit of a break because I was working most days of the week and I was proud of this fact.

You need to move. You know you will feel better after that. You know some days you may feel tired, so miss that day. However, move the next day. Commit yourself. Again, make this habit. Do not think about it, just give yourself this gift. I really got motivated after my older brother was exposed to a heart attack. You do not have to wait for that to happen to someone close to you. Just decide – your body will thank you and peace of mind.

Key # 8: Avoid processed foods. Always go with fresh foods as much as possible. They are loaded much more with things that keep you healthy. The “nutrients” in the bags, boxes or cans have been changed and processed greatly, making them free of the essential nutrients they need. Your light meals can be a smaller version of your meals. Always remember that protein and carbohydrates together: humus and carrots, a piece of bacon, half apples, almonds and grapes. Remember, if you can get just one box, try some dark chocolate as a sweet little snack – and do not expect it to give you more if you’re actually looking for substantial nourishment – it’s just a little taste.

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